SoCal Gas ESA

SoCal Gas ESA

Home improvements at no cost to you.

Energy Savings Assistance Program

If you live in a house, apartment, or mobile home that is five years or older, you could receive free improvements to keep your home more energy efficient, safe and comfortable. Both renters and owners are eligible.

    As a participating contractor for SoCal Gas we will:

    1. Assess your home’s energy efficiency
    2. Install customized home improvement
    3. Perform a post-installation inspection, if needed

    Get Big Monthly Discounts on your Bill

    CARE and FERA programs offer qualified households a significant monthly discount on energy bills.

    Check the chart to see if you qualify and join more than 1.4 million PG&E customers who have already enrolled.

    Number of Person in Household CARE/
    Energy Savings
    1-2 $36,620 or less Not eligible
    3 $46,060 or less $46,061-$57,575
    4 $55,500 or less $55,501-$69,375
    5 $64,940 or less $64,941-$81,175
    6 $74,380 or less $74,381-$92,975
    7 $83,820 or less $83,821-$104,775
    8 $93,260 or less $93,261-$116,575
    Each additional
    person, add
    $9,440 $9,440-$11,800

    *Before taxes based on current income sources. If you do not qualify for CARE you may be eligible for FERA which offers a monthly discount for households of three or more. Valid through May 31, 2020.


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